Brutsche’ Award is given to the person(s) personifying the principles of service and commitment to the profession that are the foundation of the ADR movement

2019: Cecilia Morgan

2018: Michael Leech

2016: Suzanne Mann Duvall and Christopher Nolland

2015: Edward F. Sherman and Bill Lemons

2014: Trey Bergman and Don Hawbaker

2012: Peter Chantilis (posthumous)

2011: Frank G. Evans

2008: Brenda Rachuig

2007: Ross Hostetter

2006: Jeffry S. Abrams (Houston)

2005: Walter Wright

2004: Courtenay Bass

2000: W. Thomas Proctor

1999: Gary McGowan and Nancy Atlas

1998: Mike Amis

1995: Roger Fisher

1994: Sid Stahl and Ross Stoddard

1992: Judge Gary Hall, Grant Seabolt, Jay Madrid, Jeff Abrams (Dallas), Hesha Abrams, Charles Guittard


Given by the current AAM National President to an AAM Member

2021: Paul Clote

2020: Jimmy Lawson

2019: John Dowdy, Jeff Kilgore, Bob Berliner

2018: Brenda Rachuig

2017: Francis "Hank" Raucci

2014: Bill Lemons

2013: Mike Amis, Don Philbin

2012: Mike Schless

2011: Raymond Hunter, Larry Latham

2010: Michael Leech

2005: Allen Butler, Hunton & Williams, Sid Stahl/John Estes/Learn From The Masters

2004: Suzanne Duvall, John Feather, Mike Amis

2002: Thompson & Knight

2000: Raymond Thompkins

1992: Courtenay Bass


1997 Special Awards for Service:
John Estes, Don Eckhardt, Anthony Atwell, Joel Klein, Joe Milner and Stevann Wilson

1995 Awards for Outstanding AAM Members:
John Coselli, Mike Seay, Raymond Kerr, Mike Neel, Michael Wilk, Sam Graham, Mike Amis, Stevann Wilson, Bud Silverberg, and Dick Sher

1995 Pro Bono Award:
Suzanne Duvall

1994 Awards for Outstanding Members:
Joel Klein, Bob Bliss, Grant Seabolt, Mike Amis, Pat Glynn, Mike Neel, Pam Prestridge, Anthony Atwell, Nancy Atlas and Nancy Huston

1994 Pro Bono Award:
Susan Soussan

1992 Pro Bono Award:
Bob Bliss


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