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St. Louis Chapter

The St. Louis Chapter brings together attorney-mediators with a broad spectrum of experience and expertise in mediation and in their own areas of practice. Members handle matters ranging from family law to patent disputes to complex business transactions.  

Although we are diverse in background and approach, we are unified in our commitment to the goals of AAM. The group meets once a month to exchange thoughts and experiences, often with one or more of the members leading a discussion about a certain facet of the mediation process.  

While we believe that expertise in the mediation process is paramount, in many cases having a legal background is a valuable asset in helping parties resolve disputes. Our mediators use their personal experiences as mediators, and also as advocates, in prior similar cases to help craft settlements, empower parties and structure creative and satisfying results. We believe in questioning and testing the parties, but recognize that in mediation it is the clients who reach their own conclusions and resolutions. We welcome new and experienced lawyers and judges to join our chapter.

We have been associated with AAM since 1994 and we were AAM’s first chapter located outside of Texas.

For more information about the AAM St. Louis Chapter, please contact Kim Kirn, Chapter President.

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