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Basic Mediation Training: 
Have you taken a basic mediation course?  A basic mediation training is required for membership in AAM.  You may request that your Basic Mediation Training be reviewed by the Training Committee by contacting AAM at You may be asked to submit the course syllabus, outline and/or faculty bio information. You should also review the membership requirements at Qualifications for Membership.pdf

Three satisfactory references (on AAM's form) from attorney colleagues are required for consideration of membership. 
New Applicant Reference Questionnaire.pdf  Please send this form to three attorney colleagues and ask that they be returned directly to AAM.

Dues and Insurance Coverage:
Annual membership dues are $275.00, for the calendar year term, which includes the group mediation/arbitration liability policy. Dues may be paid online with a credit card or you may mail a check. The coverage limits for this group policy for the calendar year are $500,000/$2,000,000 aggregate with a $500 deductible per claim. Insurance coverage information is provided to members upon approval of the application and is available on the Members-Only section of the website. (Insurance coverage is NOT provided to Two Year Associate Members until they attain the Five Year Associate Membership level.)

Prorated at Half Year:
After July 1, the dues for new members are prorated to one-half the annual amount, being $137.50. The prorated amount covers membership dues for the remainder of the existing calendar year (ending December 31 of each year). All memberships renew on January 1 of each year.

Local Chapter:
You must be a member at the national level before you are able to join at the local chapter level. If your chapter charges annual dues, you may opt to pay those with your national dues by selecting that option on the application form. Click on the Chapters tab if you wish to contact the President of the local chapter.

Membership Approval:
Your membership is not approved and activated until you receive notification from the AAM National Office that all requirements have been met for membership. Your website profile will become public at the time your membership is approved.

New Applicant Reference Questionnaire.pdf
Qualifications for Membership.pdf

Criteria for Determining Number of Mediations.pdf

After selecting your desired membership level, simply click NEXT at the bottom of the page to proceed through the application and payment screens. 

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 Qualifications for Initial Membership

  • Applicant must be licensed [and authorized to practice law] for a minimum of eight (8) years, (5) years for associate membership and (2) year associate with special requirements. Applicants in all categories must be in good standing with a local jurisdictional authority (i.e., state bar).
  • Applicant must provide to AAM at least three (3) attorney references on the form provided by AAM, from lawyers in his/her community with whom the applicant is not presently associated.
  • Applicant must be willing to participate in any grievance or feedback procedures adopted by AAM and to observe all ethical standards adopted by AAM.
  • Applicant must have completed a training program approved by AAM. (See Below.)

 Qualifications for Continuing Membership

  • Conducting five (5) formal mediations or a combination of mediations and observations per calendar year, including Settlement Week mediations and Pro Bono mediations for each calendar year following the third anniversary of the member’s admission into AAM.
  • Completing five (5) MCLE hours of ADR per calendar year (self-study hours will be permitted).
  • Completing one (1) mediation observation per calendar year with an AAM member or viewing the AAM video. Active co-mediators qualify to fulfill this requirement. Renewing members reporting 100 or more total mediations conducted, and renewing members who have less than 100 total mediations but who are reporting 25 or more mediations conducted in the preceding calendar year, are exempt from this observation requirement.
  • Making oneself available for at least two (2) Pro Bono mediations per year at the request of a Court.
  • Complying with all reporting requirements established by AAM.
  • Paying all AAM dues and special assessments, if any, by due date of each year.
  • Complying with all ethical standards promulgated by AAM.
  • Participating in any grievance/feedback procedures established by AAM.
  • Continuing to be licensed and authorized to practice law with a local jurisdictional authority (i.e. State Bar).

 Training Requirements for Membership

The basic training that is required must be taught by attorneys and satisfy AAM’s minimum requirements. Applicant must have 40 hours of basic mediation training, or meet those mediator training or mediator credentialing requirements for each of the states in which the applicant practices law, and must be in good standing with those requirements. Applicant must provide proof that he/she has satisfactorily completed a mediation training program as referenced below, and that such training program fully complies with AAM’s requirements. Each application is evaluated on its own merits.

We must have the following information to approve applicant’s training:

  • Course curriculum & syllabus.
  • Biographical information of the instructors furnished to course registrants (must have experience and background acceptable to AAM).
  • Written certification that the course was taken and completed and evidence that the course satisfies all requirements of the laws of the state where the applicant practices, the state and local bar associations and local rules of court (if any) applicable to the jurisdiction where the mediation training is provided and applicant intends to practice mediation.
  • The mediation course must include the following:
  • A basic mediation course of at least 24 hours, but meeting the training requirements in applicant’s practice area covering all the basics in one course. At least 50% of the instructors actively teaching the program must be attorneys.
  • Instruction on the theory and mechanics of the caucus method of mediation, focusing on a risk analysis and options generations approach to dispute resolution.
  • Instructions in local, State and Federal mediation rules, regulations, legislation and requirements applicable to the mediation of litigation.
  • Instruction in mediation ethics (at least one hour).


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